I wrote this book with the hope of getting it into the hands of people that my story could help.  People who find themselves in similar situations to which I had been... homeless, addicted, prostituting, in and out of prisons.  Matthew 25 would definitely include myself and others like me in "...the least of these" category.  

I realized it was going to be next to impossible for me to reach people living in the throes of that lifestyle, without partners.  Yes, I could hand my book to every homeless person, addict or prostitute I passed on the street.  However, I know when I was on the streets, if you gave me a book, a Bible, anything that I didn't deem a necessity it would be the first thing I tossed into the trashcan.  Books weighed me down and I wasn't focused on reading.  My mind was set on surviving and drugs.

Then I remembered...the places where I had moments of clarity!!  Those moments of clarity were when I was institutionalized in Detoxes, Rehabilitation Centers and Prisons.  I read a lot in those places, there was nothing else to do.  

That is when I decided to ask people to partner with me in donating my book to institutions and facilities right in their own communities.  

There are two ways that people can partner with me.  

1.  Click here to purchase a "donation book(s)" at a reduced price of $10 each.  I will connect with detoxes, rehabilitation centers, and prison ministries to get the books to the people who need them, or I will deliver them personally.  Please understand that these books cannot be mailed to you.  If you have a specific facility you wish to send the book to, please note the name and address in the notes section.

2.  Invite me  to speak to your group, congregation, facility, etc., pay my expenses and a small fee. Many times I will adjust or eliminate the fee, depending on the circumstance. I will speak to your group, then host a table where my books can be purchased by individuals for $20 each or "donation book(s)" can be purchased for $10 each.  I always write a message stating that the book was donated by someone who cares about them.  I deliver the donated books to a local facility or leave them with your church's or group's ministry to be delivered.  If I am personally able to deliver the books, I always request to speak to the residents.  I love this part.  I have had the honor of leading several people to the Lord while in the facilities.  

Thank you so much for partnering with me.  With God all things are possible!!  

Author and Speaker

​​​Dana M. Brown